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Shined Up Trucks!

On a day like this (at least like it is in Indiana), with bright sunshine and mild temperatures, the Truck Washes are buzzing, and guys are JUST AUTOMATICALLY inclined to shine a fender, or polish that grill. The same with Bikes- for everyone that’s not already rumbled by your house today, you can bet that the bike is in the driveway, getting shined up for the ride. Continue reading

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Ride My Highway- Bikes & Trucks

While it’s true that I’ve always had a love affair with trucks, Harley’s were hiding, just in the background. I would have to get my fill of Big Trucks before finding myself on the Big Bikes!

Both are awesome and fit well together.

From the upcoming Novel- Ride My Highway:

    “I do know, and this is still true today, that I thought the older trucks, especially the long hoods- the Peterbilt and Kenworth’s- were just beautiful machines. Long before I started riding Harleys, I was sitting on the front porch of a house all of us guys rented in Seymour. We would just sit out there on the porch swing- play guitar, drink beer, and smoke cigarettes.
​    This one afternoon, my cousin and I were out there, and about 3 or 4 Harleys rumbled by. Now, to Brad, this was a big deal, and he mentioned that they were “kick ass”, except that he still liked his bike better.
​    Then, a while later, a great big shiny and chromed out Pete rolled by, and stopped at the light just past our house. I remember looking at the thing, and thinking it was gorgeous. In my mind’s eye, I could imagine sitting in the air ride seat, and looking westward down Highway 50. I wanted to be that driver, and wanted… so desperately wanted to be in a truck like that.
​Brad said to me that “you look at those trucks the same way that I look at bikes.” I replied that “yeah, I guess that I do… but dammit they’re pretty.”

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Truckin’ For Nuthin’

Reported yesterday at AZCentral is a a story about the Port Truckers of Los Angeles, who haul goods to and from the port to warehouses around the city day and night. In particular, are the alleged details which paint a pictures of Leased Owner Operators being taken advantage of by their employers.

If any have pulled in and out of L.A., then you have undoubtedly crossed paths with the locals buzzing around in their day-cabs pulling containers… THESE are the Port Truckers. They drive like they own the place, 24/7! But they are doing it for sometimes pennies on the hour. You might say, “Well, that’s Trucking for everyone, right?” Well, not exactly.  Continue reading

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“Ride My Highway” ~ The Book… Is Almost Here!


A Novel is coming out late Summer 2017 that will BLOW THE LID OFF of everything that you “thought” you knew about what it’s like to be a Long Haul Trucker. It is a story that stretches back over 30 years.

To be concise, the book is brutally honest… at times you’ll laugh and in the next sentence shed a tear. 

                                                               It’s REAL LIFE.  Continue reading

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Trucker Busted With Load Of Marijuana

The next time Micheal Liegakos (innocent until proven guilty) brags about how much money he makes or how he hauls freight across the United States with no Bills Of Lading, perhaps he’ll stop to consider that his big talk might be overheard. In this case, his boasting was overheard by a DEA informant who promptly turned the news over to local authorities.

Uh Oh! Continue reading

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Boy Scouts Welcoming New Residents!

Reported in the Columbus Dispatch today, the Boy Scouts are preparing to do more for their communities than ever before, and this couldn’t have come at a more opportune time. In a climate where it is becoming increasingly easy to categorically deny simple legitimacy to certain groups based on religion and/or ethnic or geographical dynamics, the Scouts are applying the Oath or Motto of the group in new and exciting ways- namely in helping to greet and familiarize refugees and immigrants into local communities.
Continue reading

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Meet Obstacles Head On To Overcome Them

It is often said that the unknowns in the business or financial worlds are the most dangerous elements. Likewise, our approach to certain issues, whether they are unknown or not, is a key factor that will determine a success or failure.

In my travels this last week, I visited an “S-Bridge”, constructed on The National Road around 1824 or so just west of New Concord Ohio. At first glance, the bridge (which were numerous at the time) seems an odd-fit, and is peculiar looking at best. But, when its design is understood, the bridge and what it accomplishes, becomes crystal clear. Continue reading

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The Importance Of Planning

Plans- as they pertain to the building trades, there’s not much else is there? Everything begins, continues, and ultimately goes back to… the plans and specifications.

Plans and Specs, Plans and Specs. We say it and we hear it day in and day out. I’m sure that there have been sub-contractors and superintendents who have contemplated standing in front of train! If only… if only they would never again hear – Plans and Specs. Continue reading

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Drive Like A Pro & Get Home Safe

This time of the year, in many respects, can be the MOST hazardous for drivers, especially for truckers- who often travel from one extreme to the next. Until it is summer, we are very often faced with cold temperatures at night and warm ones during the day.

If you combine this with storms and precipitation extremes of many areas in April and May, you could wind up with some unexpected conditions. While it may be sunny and beautiful in many locales, you can very quickly encounter winter or stormy driving conditions well into the summer months depending on your location! Continue reading

Elizabeth and Philip appear with Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1951. (Credit: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth- 11th Hour Emergency Meeting… Trouble At Buckingham?

***Update!!! The Duke of Edinburgh is stepping down from Public Activities. He is Patron, President or a member of over 780 organisations, with which he will continue to be associated.

Without going into too much speculation, although it’s difficult not to do so- Queen Elizabeth’s Senior Aides have called an emergency meeting for later today to be attended by all staff from each Royal palace. This will reportedly affect not only this at Windsor and Buckingham Palace, but also any and all residences, distance from London notwithstanding. This news out of London broke just before 12:00 am EST 4, May, 2017. Continue reading