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Real People & Social Media…

My wife mentioned something the other day in passing that made a whole lot of sense. We were talking/arguing about how in the world are we going to pay all of our bills, and how do all the other perfect people manage to do the things they do. I had said that I heard that so and so had gone to the Casino, and were getting a massage (a couple’s massage nonetheless, and I would be interested to see how that whole thing works out ~ hey, I’m a GUY).

Anyhow, the entire mess can be traced to one thing in particular – Social Media. Continue reading

Those Who Have Gone Before Us

We walk in the steps of those who have gone before us!

Once a year this happens, and once it does, fall is over and winter is here. The time I’m talking about is the day when a combination of wind and rain literally “knocks the leaves off the trees” and there remains a gray and dreary landscape. What may have been mildly colorful foliage the day prior is now replaced by a pall of nothingness… and the cold creeps into your bones in the same manner that it now chills the freshly exposed branches and limbs of now barren trees. Continue reading

…Try to be nice!

From the Archives, November 27, 2014… New Stuff- Never Before Published. 

I’ll be the first to admit, and also the first to be ashamed by the admission, that I was not always a socially conscious guy. Years ago, I was downright offensive, to MOST people. As a result, I spent some time alone, possibly perched on a bar stool… no one really wanted much to do with me if I was loud or boisterous… possibly hateful. But, guess what? At some point, and possibly with a little age, I began to realize that under all the insecurities, beneath all of our problems, setbacks, and the baby blankets which have been carried into adulthood–we’re all ONLY human beings.
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