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Making YOUR Wedding A Success!

When choosing a Wedding Officiant, or even a minister that is not affiliated with any particular Church, it is important to remember that the Ceremony may be as solemn or as care-free as YOU want for it to be. And yet, the Ceremony is still that- a wedding Ceremony, the joining of two people into one Union! How will YOU do it??

This is the beauty of building your wedding from the ground up, and of using your own, hand-picked, Officiant or Minister.

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S-Bridge, Old National Road, Photo courtesy of Jon Sage, jonpatricksage.com, jon patrick sage, travel, history

Meet Obstacles Head On To Overcome Them

It is often said that the unknowns in the business or financial worlds are the most dangerous elements. Likewise, our approach to certain issues, whether they are unknown or not, is a key factor that will determine a success or failure.

In my travels this last week, I visited an “S-Bridge”, constructed on The National Road around 1824 or so just west of New Concord Ohio. At first glance, the bridge (which were numerous at the time) seems an odd-fit, and is peculiar looking at best. But, when its design is understood, the bridge and what it accomplishes, becomes crystal clear. Continue reading

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The Importance Of Planning

Plans- as they pertain to the building trades, there’s not much else is there? Everything begins, continues, and ultimately goes back to… the plans and specifications.

Plans and Specs, Plans and Specs. We say it and we hear it day in and day out. I’m sure that there have been sub-contractors and superintendents who have contemplated standing in front of train! If only… if only they would never again hear – Plans and Specs. Continue reading

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Drive Like A Pro & Get Home Safe

This time of the year, in many respects, can be the MOST hazardous for drivers, especially for truckers- who often travel from one extreme to the next. Until it is summer, we are very often faced with cold temperatures at night and warm ones during the day.

If you combine this with storms and precipitation extremes of many areas in April and May, you could wind up with some unexpected conditions. While it may be sunny and beautiful in many locales, you can very quickly encounter winter or stormy driving conditions well into the summer months depending on your location! Continue reading

Elizabeth and Philip appear with Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1951. (Credit: Keystone-France/Gamma-Keystone via Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth- 11th Hour Emergency Meeting… Trouble At Buckingham?

***Update!!! The Duke of Edinburgh is stepping down from Public Activities. He is Patron, President or a member of over 780 organisations, with which he will continue to be associated.

Without going into too much speculation, although it’s difficult not to do so- Queen Elizabeth’s Senior Aides have called an emergency meeting for later today to be attended by all staff from each Royal palace. This will reportedly affect not only this at Windsor and Buckingham Palace, but also any and all residences, distance from London notwithstanding. This news out of London broke just before 12:00 am EST 4, May, 2017. Continue reading

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Steinbeck: He’s Always Been The Best…

I have begun what will be my first and hopefully greatest work. That’s right, I’m joining the throngs of “writers” out there, and am penning my own masterpiece- my first Novel. I’m a little over halfway done with a first draft according to input from a couple of my editor friends, and that’s exciting! But, I have been trying lately, perhaps a bit to much, to try and “turn the story” towards it’s ending. As a result, I’ve been struggling a bit with 500 words a day or maybe a sentence re-work here and there, and my process has slowed over the last week. I think that SOME editing along the way might be helpful to keep the story on some kind of pathway. Others, including Steinbeck, say to just write and then edit when it’s time to edit. And really, who am I to argue with the likes of Steinbeck? The man was an expert writer and my literary hero!

He gives us 6 tips for writing and number 2 says to “write freely” and edit later… Well, maybe I should try that. Still, I’m a little bit of a grammar Nazi, and when something isn’t correct, I feel the need to go back and correct it! I’ll do my best to try and get past that. Continue reading

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10 Organizations Assisting The Black Community In America

When speaking of the Black community in the United States- many people, even some in the Black Community, may only know of the NAACP, or perhaps some the efforts of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. This goes double for White America, who know next to nothing of some of the struggles faced within the Black Community or of the many organizations that have lined up to assist.

We have found a list denoting the top 10 organizations that are actively helping out in the many areas that have been neglected for far too long. Continue reading

The flight attendant pointed at the passenger and told him to “stay out of it.” (Facebook/Surain Adyanthaya)

No More Friendly Skies… Anywhere!

Just now breaking- what began as a disagreement over how and where to stow a stroller between a young mother from Argentina and an American Airlines flight attendant turned into a shouting match when another passenger stood up for that young woman. The video (you know there HAD to be a video), has now gone viral.

The flight attendant allegedly forcibly grabbed the woman’s stroller and removed it from the plane, saying that it could not be stowed overhead. At that point, the baby she was holding began crying and the mother became hysterical with worry and grief. Continue reading

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb in an image provided by Eglin Air Force Base. The Pentagon says U.S. forces in Afghanistan dropped the military's largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan. A Pentagon spokesman said it was the first-ever combat use of the bomb, known as the GBU-43, which he said contains 11 tons of explosives. The Air Force calls it the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb. Based on the acronym, it has been nicknamed the "Mother Of All Bombs." Eglin Air Force Base via AP; jonpatricksage.com; jon sage; trump; war;

Trump- The World’s Newest Policeman!

During the 2016 campaign, President Trump ran on a number of issues, not the least of which was a statement and/or promise that the United States “cannot be the policeman of the world, we cannot protect countries all over the world”. However, it is quickly becoming clear- from last week’s attack on Syria, to the carrier fleet being moved towards the Korean peninsula, and now- today’s confirmation of a bombing in Afghanistan, that the U.S. is doubling down and ramping up its military and policing actions WORLDWIDE!

I, for one, could not be more disappointed. Continue reading