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The Problem With Bible Verses & Elections

Election 2016: It is ultimately no different than any other Presidential election year. And yet, at every 4 year interval, the talk of the land, particularly among the right wing conservatives, is that American is at a crossroads, that we are a Country in crisis… that God himself perhaps might view this country as a cesspool of sin and corruption. A regular modern day Sodom & Gomorrah.  Continue reading

Haircut and a Shave

I need a haircut. I’ve been overdue to go and get one for quite some time now, probably a couple weeks anyway. It seems to me that since I have grown a few gray hairs, it’s easier to tell when I need a haircut. It used to be that I would grow my hair long, and then “match it” with equally long and ugly sideburns… and I looked kind of cool. But, no more! Now, instead of being in style, I am almost always dead-set against it, and my gray tinted locks do not help the situation. They only magnify an already downhill spiral. So, off I go to the barber shop–happily! Continue reading

Decisions, Change… and John Steinbeck

First Published December 9, 2014At that time, I was preparing to leave my 10+ year stint at Pepsi Cola, and strike out on this new adventure. Now, it seems like things are finally working out. But, it has been a bumpy ride! Would I do it again? Yep… According to what I wrote, I had no choice!!! Live and learn, and try to keep on living. And, “We shall soon see”

There are times when life, after a long while of being steered in one direction or another, begins to turn. Once the whole thing starts to waver, for better or for worse, it’s nearly too late to stop or regain the control which might have been once-held. Almost imperceptibly at times, especially in the beginning of change, the scenery doesn’t really vary, it only gets to be a deeper or possibly a lighter shade of blue… or grey– maybe a fading grey, as if the December sky herself had chosen to rain in that particular fashion which diminishes the sky and the earth all at once; until only a foggy haze rises up from what might have been, hanging in the frigid air… until it is whisked away by a hasty whisper of wind. Continue reading