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Jon Patrick Sage is an Author; Master Mason; and pursuing a M.A. in History at Indiana State University. Jon is married, and lives with his wife in Seymour, IN. At age 40, Jon now finds himself, halfway through what most would consider to be a normally timed life, and wondering- how brilliant will the next sunrise be- how solemn will the inevitable and last sunset be, when it finally arrives…

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Driver Formally Charged In Human Trafficking Deaths In Texas

A driver who claims he had no knowledge that his trailer contained up to 90 or more people, 10 of which have died as of this release, is being formally charged in a Texas court and could face the death penalty.

In a bizarre series of events, none of which included the driver calling 911, the driver claimed to have pulled over, heard pounding and yelling, and then opened the trailer doors. He reported that he was immediately overrun by “Spanish” people, and knocked down. Continue reading

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The Boogie!!! Bikes, Good Times & Summertime!

For any in and around Southern Indiana, The Boogie needs little or no introduction! It is the premier Biker event, and has been around for a long time… we don’t see it going anywhere but HERE anytime soon.

The Boogie is going on NOW (July 20-23) at Lawrence County Recreational Park. Get out and get your boogie on- OR- if we miss you this year, be sure and show up in 2018. Continue reading

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Making YOUR Wedding A Success!

When choosing a Wedding Officiant, or even a minister that is not affiliated with any particular Church, it is important to remember that the Ceremony may be as solemn or as care-free as YOU want for it to be. And yet, the Ceremony is still that- a wedding Ceremony, the joining of two people into one Union! How will YOU do it??

This is the beauty of building your wedding from the ground up, and of using your own, hand-picked, Officiant or Minister.

Continue reading

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It Happened Just Like That

An excerpt from the upcoming Novel- Ride My Highway- Coming Late Summer 2017!

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“I never really meant to become a truck driver, it’s just something that kind of happened. I understand that this might sound silly to some, but that’s how it went down. You see, when I was in grade school, my dad traveled a gas and oil pipeline, and he maintained their computers which controlled the massive pumping stations that dotted the line every 100 or so miles from Texas to New York. Dad would take me with him during summer breaks from school.

I BEGGED to go with Dad on the road… we would go to restaurants and travel about, just looking and talking about the scenery. Continue reading

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Trucking & Safety Programs: How Much Is Too Much?

We all know the importance of safe driving… it’s a no-brainer. We all want to do our jobs, get paid, and then go home!

That’s not to say that everyone on the road should be out here- many drivers shouldn’t be! But, as the industry has grown, so has the need for more and more trucks, which has turned into an incredible increase of trucks and drivers on the Nation’s highways. As more are added, and at faster rates than ever before, proper training and driver readiness appears to have suffered a bit.  Continue reading

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Panama Canal & East Coast Ports Will Change Trucking

Changes are underway in the shipping that traverses the Panama Canal, and this is already affecting the way that trucking is conducted in the U.S. and will continue to change in coming years.

Already a factor over much of the Globe, is the notion of shorter truck by land routes. In other words, goods are received at several different ports, and then trucked only a short distance to their final destination. In the U.S., goods from Asia have historically come across the country via the Port of L.A. and other west coast terminals.  Continue reading

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East St. Louis & Headin’ Home

From the upcoming book, Ride My Highway, coming out late Summer 2017. One of several previews upcoming.

“The scales in Indiana and Illinois were closed, and so it must’ve been around 10:00 pm or so when I reached the truck stop at East St. Louis. If you’ve never been, East St. Louis looks halfway nice in the daytime, but at night- kind of turns into a landscape occupied by boarded up houses, strip joints, and crack whores wandering broken down sidewalks. Of course, the hard working girls eventually find their way to the stop, because in reality, the truckers are the only ones that have enough money day in and day out to buy hookers. Then, the money goes directly into a needle in their arm or a crack pipe between their lips and round and round we go. Continue reading