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Steinbeck: He’s Always Been The Best…

I have begun what will be my first and hopefully greatest work. That’s right, I’m joining the throngs of “writers” out there, and am penning my own masterpiece- my first Novel. I’m a little over halfway done with a first draft according to input from a couple of my editor friends, and that’s exciting! But, I have been trying lately, perhaps a bit to much, to try and “turn the story” towards it’s ending. As a result, I’ve been struggling a bit with 500 words a day or maybe a sentence re-work here and there, and my process has slowed over the last week. I think that SOME editing along the way might be helpful to keep the story on some kind of pathway. Others, including Steinbeck, say to just write and then edit when it’s time to edit. And really, who am I to argue with the likes of Steinbeck? The man was an expert writer and my literary hero!

He gives us 6 tips for writing and number 2 says to “write freely” and edit later… Well, maybe I should try that. Still, I’m a little bit of a grammar Nazi, and when something isn’t correct, I feel the need to go back and correct it! I’ll do my best to try and get past that. Continue reading

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10 Organizations Assisting The Black Community In America

When speaking of the Black community in the United States- many people, even some in the Black Community, may only know of the NAACP, or perhaps some the efforts of Al Sharpton or Jesse Jackson. This goes double for White America, who know next to nothing of some of the struggles faced within the Black Community or of the many organizations that have lined up to assist.

We have found a list denoting the top 10 organizations that are actively helping out in the many areas that have been neglected for far too long. Continue reading

The flight attendant pointed at the passenger and told him to “stay out of it.” (Facebook/Surain Adyanthaya)

No More Friendly Skies… Anywhere!

Just now breaking- what began as a disagreement over how and where to stow a stroller between a young mother from Argentina and an American Airlines flight attendant turned into a shouting match when another passenger stood up for that young woman. The video (you know there HAD to be a video), has now gone viral.

The flight attendant allegedly forcibly grabbed the woman’s stroller and removed it from the plane, saying that it could not be stowed overhead. At that point, the baby she was holding began crying and the mother became hysterical with worry and grief. Continue reading

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb in an image provided by Eglin Air Force Base. The Pentagon says U.S. forces in Afghanistan dropped the military's largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State target in Afghanistan. A Pentagon spokesman said it was the first-ever combat use of the bomb, known as the GBU-43, which he said contains 11 tons of explosives. The Air Force calls it the Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb. Based on the acronym, it has been nicknamed the "Mother Of All Bombs." Eglin Air Force Base via AP;; jon sage; trump; war;

Trump- The World’s Newest Policeman!

During the 2016 campaign, President Trump ran on a number of issues, not the least of which was a statement and/or promise that the United States “cannot be the policeman of the world, we cannot protect countries all over the world”. However, it is quickly becoming clear- from last week’s attack on Syria, to the carrier fleet being moved towards the Korean peninsula, and now- today’s confirmation of a bombing in Afghanistan, that the U.S. is doubling down and ramping up its military and policing actions WORLDWIDE!

I, for one, could not be more disappointed. Continue reading

The Wrong Turn

I ran through a stop sign today. Went right through it without ever looking. That’s bad, Į know. That’s a really bad thing. I wish I had it to do over again, maybe I’d… No, I’m sure I would stop if I had it all to do over again. But, like everything else in life, there are no do-overs. You do it once, and it’s done. Whatever that may be. Continue reading

Daylight Savings Time

There are times when it seems that I am completely unmotivated. I’m sitting here, at my desk, trying to write this little story, and then I’ll try to write another one… it never stops. Anyhow, I’ve been on Facebook for a while today, and was on EBay a little earlier. In the middle of it all, I get an email from my editor, asking “where is the latest copy”, and to “get myself in gear”… Hey man, you don’t have to tell me twice. And so, here I sit, 6 hours later, and still no story. Hmmm. Continue reading

A Ballgame With Dad

            Went to a baseball game the other night. Yep, loaded up in the ‘ole family mobile, and headed up north, up to Indianapolis. Went to the Indians game; had pretty good seats too, Row “S”, seats 12 and 13, behind the Indians dugout. It was the third, and probably the last, baseball game of this year that I’ll be able to go to. It being later on in the year and all. 

            At the last minute, my little fella was unable to go. Sometime 10 year old priorities can change at the drop of a hat, though I really can’t understand what could be more important than a ballgame. So instead of my boy, I took an old friend along to the ballpark. Well, the game started at 5:00 pm, so we left Seymour around 2:30’ish, I really don’t like to be late. No, I like to have plenty of time to mess around, get a bit to eat, find a parking space, and still beat the crowd. That being said, I took a wrong turn off of I-70, and burned up my “messing around time” getting turned back around, and heading in the right direction. Well, I finally got my bearings straight, and found my way to the parking garage. 

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Women Are Natural Leaders Of Some Fraternal Organizations

Masonic Homes have historically been staffed by a mix of men and women. But as of the last 15-20 years, it has been increasingly common to see women at the helm of these Home’s, which are grounded in the Tenets of the Masonic Fraternity. Reported in yesterday’s Columbia Business Times, I read the story of Barbara Ramsey, who is the Executive Director of the Masonic Home of Missouri. She is doing a terrific job, and so are other women around the Country!

This is welcomed and timely news. 

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Every Kid Deserves a “First Bike”

Remember YOUR First Bike?

On a sidewalk beside our house- I am unable to forget the day when I got my first bike. It was kind of a dirt bike style, because I’m a boy, but my sister’s was pink and white and what not. At any rate, we had bikes. At first, they had training wheels, and then in time, the training wheels came off and with that- skinned knees and tears until we all learned to ride. 

But, the riding was only a small part of it. The larger part was that first bit of “ownership”… having something real and valuable- having a first bike.  

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