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The Truest Picture Comes With Age…

In my youth, there were 3 separate but intertwined themes, all of which weighed heavily against and stole from the other. The first would have been an inordinate amount of substance abuse; the second was The Catcher in the Rye, by J.D. Salinger; and the third happened to be The Wall, that seemingly catch-all type album from ’79 by Pink Floyd, and many would later just claim it was by Roger Waters. However any of them happened, and in whatever order, it is interesting that the book and the album both centered around a borderline mentality, and in a way- were both dramatic works. The other, well… that was just a part of it that came with being young. Continue reading

Hey, That Dude Is Up A Tree… Throwing Orange Peels At People!!!

Just when you think that things can’t get much worse, they usually do. I’ve found myself on the losing end of life’s lopsided deck of cards more than a few times over the last several years, and it’s no fun. However, in some way, and for some reason, I always manage to drag my sorry ass back up, pulling at those proverbial bootstraps, and just keepin’ on keepin’ on!

Maybe I’m just looking at it all the wrong way. Continue reading

903 Words, Written In 14 Minutes- Take Me West!

Spring in is, in a peculiar sort of way -and if you are lucky enough to know the difference – a rather depressing and hum-drum affair. It is all for naught, and the process essentially brings some flowers up and out of the mud, if for only a few months, with the fall and winter swallowing up the dead foliage back into the chilly muck of November.

Take my word for it, and head out to the coast, to … Just go out to The City by the Bay and you’ll see. Continue reading

Hurricane Season

Driving down the road the other day, I was struck by how wonderfully beautiful a day it was. A nice blue sky, done fluffy, white clouds. It’s at times like this that a guy thinks, wow, what did I do to deserve this? Cruising down the road, wind in my hair… Alright. So I look over to my radio, all good times like this need a soundtrack, and start dialing in the tunes. Now here’s the really good part, I’ve got one of those new Sirius satellite radios. Now– I’m sitting here thinking, “what would be something good to listen to”? Let’s make a short list; end of summer wide open highway, no place special to be, good lookin’ Senorita ridin’ next to me. Easy… Buffet.

Jimmy Buffet Continue reading

Identical Twins Are Exactly Alike, Sharing Same Bed, & Even The Same Man!


This just in from Australia, where it seems that almost anything is possible, comes REAL LIFE Reality T.V. … Anyhow, these two twins are apparently SO Identical, as in the T.V. Interview didn’t even attempt to use their separate names, that they share EVERYTHING, down to the same BED & BOYFRIEND, who is also- a twin… Imagine that!

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The Over-Use of the Word “So” Must Stop- Now!

Something has been occurring, over the last several years. At best, it is disturbing. In a worst case scenario, it signals the end times are drawing near.
Quit using “so” and “um” to open, punctuate, and close your sentences and paragraphs.

​​​                                                         “SO”
That is it, the OVER and IRRATIONAL use of the word, hardly a word… “so”. People who I know have graduated from college use it to begin paragraphs, sentences, answers, questions … as spoken versions of commas! It is used more often than you might think. Continue reading

Kentucky Could Allow Religious Texts as Curriculum in Literature

The introduction of religious texts as a curriculum in literature is a GOOD thing. No matter your personal beliefs, it is difficult to deny that religion plays a foundational role in our world society. Furthermore, those texts which support religions around the world are some of the oldest and most cherished writings that have been discovered, saved, and preserved.pen and paper jonpatricksage header

So long as the readings are portrayed in a neutral light, there can be nothing but good that would come of such a diverse educational opportunity. However- neutrality and a non-sectarian approach will be the key to any success – or- failure. Continue reading

Spiritual Group Set To Burn Obscene Materials

Way to go Haridwar- we applaud you for breathing new life into such a horrible practice; the “burning of the books”, which refuses to go away!

History has shown that, by burning and doing away with what is deemed obscene by a subjective (or even if it was by chance objective) manner, that posterity is always so much better off. Kudos to you and yours!

From the article:

Haridwar, India; March 10, 2016

The All World Gayatri Pariwar said in a statement on Thursday that it will observe Holi festival as an anti-vulgarity day.

On that day, it will burn “filthy material” such as books, posters and pictures, said the group’s head, Pranav Pandya.

“This is aimed at eradicating vulgarity and inculcating ‘sansakr’ (cultural values) among youths and students,” he said.

The programme on Holi day will be observed at 1,459 places across the country, he said.

“All we see, good or bad, gets registered in our sub-conscious mind and contributes to the shaping up of our personality,” Pandya said in the statement.

“So the quality of what we see to a large extent determines the quality of how we think. Hence, seeing good is as important as doing good,” he said.”

Alex Trebek, Scrabble, & Mental Awareness

In a recent article at Science of the Spirit, the headline indicated that reading helped to increase scrabble1mental flexibility, and I believe it’s the truth. To suggest that the mind is a muscle, as many have done, is a huge overstatement, but it does posses mighty potential. Physically, the gooey grayish and watery matter that makes up the human brain, if left outside of the skull for any length of time, is likely to collapse under its own weight. But, there is something to be said for the mental dexterity that the billions of properly firing neurons make possible, and this is improved through a sustained and prolonged mental exercise, of which– readin’ & writin’ are two of the best (cross-words AND Scrabble combine both, and that’s why they’re so damn good at this). Continue reading