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More Light In Masonry, Articles & Review, Vol. I

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The soul of man is apparent in his innate sense of immortality; that feeling which seems to push beyond the earthly realm, and indeed, out past the bounds of the grave. Through immortality, we assume our rightful place amongst the Deity, in between these “mortal” endeavors that are hallmarked by these incarnations measured with man-made timepieces. As Masons, the belief in immortality is what provides the basis for the legend of the 3rd degree.

More Light In Masonry is concerned with the spiritual aspects of Masonry, those parts which many would compare with and define as religious in origin and effects. Those of us who embrace the esoteric elements of Masonry understand that the Order is much, much more than just “The World’s Oldest Fraternity”… In many ways, it is the world’s oldest set of philosophies and religious practices, handed down and blended by centuries and generations.

All we must do is open our eyes, and our hearts. The benefits of a Masonic Life well spent are free for the taking- If… only one knows the direction in which to travel!

Kindle of More Light In Masonry, Articles & Review is available here.KINDLE IMAGE

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The “Blue Lodge”- The Importance of That Term…

W.B. Jon Patrick Sage

In North America (and in some other jurisdictions), the generic name or description for any Masonic Lodge- save for the appendant bodies, is to call it the “Blue Lodge”. As is the case, this descriptive is used by Masons and non-Masons alike. When I was a very young boy, the term Blue Lodge was known to me, through common talk as well as by having a neighbor who was a Mason, though he is now departed from this world. I also remember distinctly how my Mother seemed to be terrified by the eerily glowing “blue” Square & Compass on the forefront of the building that is Jackson Lodge #146, F & AM. She most likely thought, and probably still thinks, that some sort of wrong-doing occurred within those walls. Indeed, I had always known it as the Blue Lodge, but why?Even as a boy I knew that there must be something to it. However, as all things Masonic were secretive, even more so back then than they are now, it wasn’t something that was spoken of, and especially in the days before the internet search, one couldn’t do a 5 minute query to find out any and all that might pertain to the question. And so, the term remained etched in my mind, and remained there- resurfacing just before I Petitioned for membership several years ago. Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just because it’s “that time of the year”, I understand that I don’t have to a story about Christmas, and in a way, this is about much more than just Christmas… it’s about life in general- saying what’s on your mind, and not necessarily what others EXPECT or even WANT for you to say. Besides, it’s a pretty good time of year, and easy pickins’ for subject matter. So let’s get started. Continue reading

The Pope, Jesus’ Birthday, Snake Handling & Possibly Hell

I’ve given much thought lately to the aspects and different perspectives of religion, especially during the Christmas Holiday Season; which was made possible by the Sweet Baby Jesus coming down to us lowly ones on this planet Earth some 2,000 years ago. Ever since that occurrence, the Lord’s Birthday has gained ever increasing popularity; so much so that the event is now celebrated as much by non-believers as it is by the fervent faithful. Through the course of my reflection, I have come to the conclusion that:

  • It’s all B.S., and none of it’s true
  • It’s maybe at least partially true, and to possibly try to make an effort at being a decent human being

Continue reading

Billy Graham & Golf

I bought my golf membership this last week. I know, I know, it’s only March, but I could not wait any longer. Besides, when you buy the stupid thing, it’s only good until December 31 of that year, so I figure that I might as well own as much of the year as possible. I joined out there at Brownstown, Hickory Hills Golf Club. Continue reading