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My Highway

As I travel about, I am constantly scanning the horizon and intersecting roads for remnants or clues of where the “old road” used to lie- how it ran- and what it might have looked like 100 years ago. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I might be interested in not only 100 years prior, but certainly before the modern era of 4 lane Interstate Highways and even of the improved surfaces and routes which were put into place by the Federal Highway Act(s) of the 1910’s &1920’s (the effects and works lasting well into the 1930’s) (). I have come to focus most of my energy on what is now U.S. Route 50, which crosses the nation from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, CA (originally stretching to San Francisco). Continue reading

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Fit Bits & Type-O’s

I have made two new additions to my life, as of today. Each is equally distant, and yet still shares some kind of relation. First of all, I have decided to try and type on my Microsoft Word program with the same care as I did when I first learned to type on a manual typewriter. Secondly, Kim had a spare “Fitbit” lying around, and I strapped that thing on this morning, in some effort to gain insight into how healthy (or unhealthy), I really am. Continue reading

The Lovely Lady… Re-Published

On the wall of my office, hangs a beautiful portrait of a lovely young lady. It is the only picture of a woman, other than my wife or family members that I have. If I had to guess, I would say that it will be the only one of “another lady” that would ever be allowed, now or in the future, to reside on any wall, let alone the wall directly opposite my desk. I am confident that the only reason my wife allows it to stay is twofold– the first part being that she knows that, for whatever reason, that I like it; and secondly, I am usually the only one in my office, and she never really has to look at it… at her. “Her”, or that “lady”, is all that I know of her, of the portrait. I have no idea, nor will I ever, of the origin or name of the lady in the portrait. It is a mystery. She is a mystery. However, to me, it is a grand mystery, one that is better left unsolved. To solve it… to know of her… to place her, would be to ruin her forever. Continue reading

Obituaries, Time, & Old Friends

The Obituaries.  

They are all too common in the old print styled newspaper, and nowadays, in online forums which are often hosted by the funeral homes as a service to the family– as well as to the public at large. My trusty New Collegiate Dictionary from Webster defines the word as a “notice of a death”, but then more particularly also including a “biographical sketch” of the dearly departed. The roots of the word are found to be Latin, from the original “Obit”, which can be used as a verb and entails anything from the actual death of a person to the resulting funeral service. The ending of the definition, given as a noun, is the usual “notice of a person’s death”; in est, “an obituary in a newspaper”. Continue reading