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It Takes A Village…

By: Jon

December 10, 2016

It is easy to abide with yourself… you’re just there! But, to abide not only with the challenges of your life, along with everyone else and with THEIR challenges… and all of this affecting you? Well, that is where it can get a little tricky navigating the waters and playing well with others.

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Real People & Social Media…

My wife mentioned something the other day in passing that made a whole lot of sense. We were talking/arguing about how in the world are we going to pay all of our bills, and how do all the other perfect people manage to do the things they do. I had said that I heard that so and so had gone to the Casino, and were getting a massage (a couple’s massage nonetheless, and I would be interested to see how that whole thing works out ~ hey, I’m a GUY).

Anyhow, the entire mess can be traced to one thing in particular – Social Media. Continue reading

…Try to be nice!

From the Archives, November 27, 2014… New Stuff- Never Before Published. 

I’ll be the first to admit, and also the first to be ashamed by the admission, that I was not always a socially conscious guy. Years ago, I was downright offensive, to MOST people. As a result, I spent some time alone, possibly perched on a bar stool… no one really wanted much to do with me if I was loud or boisterous… possibly hateful. But, guess what? At some point, and possibly with a little age, I began to realize that under all the insecurities, beneath all of our problems, setbacks, and the baby blankets which have been carried into adulthood–we’re all ONLY human beings.
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Inspiration, Outlines, and the Creative Process

I have said before that inspiration comes from within. I understand that many others have said such a thing, or implied prior to my arrival as a moonlighting , and as such, I don’t lay claim to the notion. If I were to check, the idea of inspiration, as it may apply to any number of things, is one that enjoys a universal ownership, a public domain of use. Not one person owns it; likewise, each would define it differently. Thus, as I say, inspiration ultimately comes from within an individual. Along the way, it will then be flavored and tempered by forces and influences within and then without that person. This then, would shape the direction, or perhaps the tone of whatever inspired work is in question. Continue reading

The Problem With Bible Verses & Elections

Election 2016: It is ultimately no different than any other Presidential election year. And yet, at every 4 year interval, the talk of the land, particularly among the right wing conservatives, is that American is at a crossroads, that we are a Country in crisis… that God himself perhaps might view this country as a cesspool of sin and corruption. A regular modern day Sodom & Gomorrah.  Continue reading

Decisions, Change… and John Steinbeck

First Published December 9, 2014At that time, I was preparing to leave my 10+ year stint at Pepsi Cola, and strike out on this new adventure. Now, it seems like things are finally working out. But, it has been a bumpy ride! Would I do it again? Yep… According to what I wrote, I had no choice!!! Live and learn, and try to keep on living. And, “We shall soon see”

There are times when life, after a long while of being steered in one direction or another, begins to turn. Once the whole thing starts to waver, for better or for worse, it’s nearly too late to stop or regain the control which might have been once-held. Almost imperceptibly at times, especially in the beginning of change, the scenery doesn’t really vary, it only gets to be a deeper or possibly a lighter shade of blue… or grey– maybe a fading grey, as if the December sky herself had chosen to rain in that particular fashion which diminishes the sky and the earth all at once; until only a foggy haze rises up from what might have been, hanging in the frigid air… until it is whisked away by a hasty whisper of wind. Continue reading

Hurricane Season

Driving down the road the other day, I was struck by how wonderfully beautiful a day it was. A nice blue sky, done fluffy, white clouds. It’s at times like this that a guy thinks, wow, what did I do to deserve this? Cruising down the road, wind in my hair… Alright. So I look over to my radio, all good times like this need a soundtrack, and start dialing in the tunes. Now here’s the really good part, I’ve got one of those new Sirius satellite radios. Now– I’m sitting here thinking, “what would be something good to listen to”? Let’s make a short list; end of summer wide open highway, no place special to be, good lookin’ Senorita ridin’ next to me. Easy… Buffet.

Jimmy Buffet Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just because it’s “that time of the year”, I understand that I don’t have to a story about Christmas, and in a way, this is about much more than just Christmas… it’s about life in general- saying what’s on your mind, and not necessarily what others EXPECT or even WANT for you to say. Besides, it’s a pretty good time of year, and easy pickins’ for subject matter. So let’s get started. Continue reading

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Dogs & People, In No Particular Order

There are times that I sit and wonder just what the hell is wrong with me, and for that matter, with the world in general. I’m nearly certain that, after 41 years on the planet, that things shouldn’t be as they more often than not turn out… and if so, then not only are we all destined to be screw ups, but so will our kids and grandkids. The main problem is that people seem to refuse that others among and around them have feelings. We complain that there is a lack of empathy and a blasé attitude toward the human condition; however, when it comes right down to it– most people could give two shits less about their fellow man, and more than a few will admit that to you freely… upon request. And yet, we think that, somehow, we deserve more… Continue reading