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Real People & Social Media…

My wife mentioned something the other day in passing that made a whole lot of sense. We were talking/arguing about how in the world are we going to pay all of our bills, and how do all the other perfect people manage to do the things they do. I had said that I heard that so and so had gone to the Casino, and were getting a massage (a couple’s massage nonetheless, and I would be interested to see how that whole thing works out ~ hey, I’m a GUY).

Anyhow, the entire mess can be traced to one thing in particular – Social Media. Continue reading

Staniford or Stanford- What’s in a Name?

Rummaging through news items earlier today, I was struck by two very prominent- though DIFFERENT names. Each had his own distinguished history, and each left a legacy… Both began in the East, and ended up as fixtures in the landscape of culture and business in . Indeed, both could have been related, and possibly they were- though it us doubtful- with the miss spelled (or correctly spelled) name of the former. Continue reading

903 Words, Written In 14 Minutes- Take Me West!

Spring in is, in a peculiar sort of way -and if you are lucky enough to know the difference – a rather depressing and hum-drum affair. It is all for naught, and the process essentially brings some flowers up and out of the mud, if for only a few months, with the fall and winter swallowing up the dead foliage back into the chilly muck of November.

Take my word for it, and head out to the coast, to … Just go out to The City by the Bay and you’ll see. Continue reading

Hurricane Season

Driving down the road the other day, I was struck by how wonderfully beautiful a day it was. A nice blue sky, done fluffy, white clouds. It’s at times like this that a guy thinks, wow, what did I do to deserve this? Cruising down the road, wind in my hair… Alright. So I look over to my radio, all good times like this need a soundtrack, and start dialing in the tunes. Now here’s the really good part, I’ve got one of those new Sirius satellite radios. Now– I’m sitting here thinking, “what would be something good to listen to”? Let’s make a short list; end of summer wide open highway, no place special to be, good lookin’ Senorita ridin’ next to me. Easy… Buffet.

Jimmy Buffet Continue reading

The Trouble With Travel

desert highway

U.S. 50 in Nevada, “The Loneliest Road in America”… If you’re looking for inspiration out here- it had better come from within!

I am beginning to think that travel is bad for the writing process. It seems that the more places I go, the less influenced or inclined I am to about it. I understand that other authors have had, in a great many instances, just the opposite effect– with travel necessarily incorporating new and exciting ideas and thought processes into their script. The problem becomes, I suppose, on how fast you travel, and whether or not writing is the main focal point during that particular journey. Continue reading