…Try to be nice!

From the Archives, November 27, 2014… New Stuff- Never Before Published. 

I’ll be the first to admit, and also the first to be ashamed by the admission, that I was not always a socially conscious guy. Years ago, I was downright offensive, to MOST people. As a result, I spent some time alone, possibly perched on a bar stool… no one really wanted much to do with me if I was loud or boisterous… possibly hateful. But, guess what? At some point, and possibly with a little age, I began to realize that under all the insecurities, beneath all of our problems, setbacks, and the baby blankets which have been carried into adulthood–we’re all ONLY human beings.

We live, we die… we’re here, together. And that really goes to the heart of just about everything. Once you get past the “what happens next”, and “where do we go after we die”, you maybe, if you’re lucky, start to realize that WE are only right here, for a moment, and then the moment is gone… for better or for worse. However, the fact still remains, that we have some control over how that moment is lived!

Accordingly, to someone fueled by racism and/or hatred, the moment is only a stepping stone to some other, yet UN-seen moment–where hopefully, the “undesirable” person won’t be around anymore. But, consider all that is lost, while waiting for someone to be … well, lost. By acting out as they do, the racist will voluntarily GIVE UP his or her existence, a vast series of “moments”, in order to achieve something which, on THIS planet, is impossible, that being an existence free from those who don’t match the person in the mirror.

I’ve chosen a different pathway. My choice is to use every moment that is made available to me, in order to try and become acquainted with, as many HUMAN beings as possible. Why? It’s simple. I am only 1 person. I have a limited amount of traits and qualities. Yet, I look out into the world, and see so many beautiful people, each with his or her own wonderfully beautiful and DIFFERENT qualities. I might not be able to, by knowing them, come to possess all of those attributes. But…

I can pick up small parts of them, or maybe instead, just tuck them away, and SHARE them with someone else at some point! We all have something to share, whether we know it or not. Black, white, yellow, purple… straight, gay … everyone has something to offer to the greater world. So, get to know people that you don’t know. Take a chance. Even if you don’t come away with a brand new persona, or a suddenly super-duper outlook on everything, I can almost guarantee that you WILL come away with at least a piece of something,… something better and different than you would have only had if you had been on your own.

I am a Mason, and I make no secret of that; however, there are also times when it might or might not be a “good time” to bring it up. Now IS a good time to bring this up. In part because I spoke of it in the run up to the posting, and also because I just feel like it. We are instructed, in numerous parts of our degree Work, to one another. Our outlook, in general, has been equated to that of a “Brotherhood of Man, under the Fatherhood of God”.

                                                              I LIKE THAT EQUATION!  

That is how I want to live, and guess what~ that is how I would like for everyone to live. It’s not hard, it’s not difficult. In fact, accepting people, for who they are, and without a BIG argument, is a HELL of a lot easier than fighting with someone and your miss-conceptions about them, before you even get a chance to shake their hand, or hear their voice.

Two bits of advice, and this is ongoing, and ever-changing in what is included and excluded… I’m sure that even Gandhi was forced to work at this daily. But, however he approached the concept of love all and cause no harm– look what it did for him!

  • Calm down.
  • Listen before you speak.

Try it out, and in the meantime, before the next nighttime falls~ tell at least one person (not yourself), “I Love You”. …

                                    The dividends paid, for a life well lived, are lifelong and immeasurable!