Thoughts On Charity

 Bro. Jon Patrick Sage

Of the theological ladder which ascends into Heaven, on which we all hope to travel upwards, are denominated three principal rounds: Faith, Hope, and Charity. We are informed that the principal, indeed the greatest of these – is Charity; for reasons already explained. But, what is Charity, other than some irreplaceable force which lies in perpetuity beyond the grave and which lasts into Eternity?

Webster defines Charity as a noun, sometimes as an adjective, describing the attending verb of action; and which describes love for mankind, generosity in helping the needy, and kindness towards others. We notice here, that Charity is NOT the action, but rather, the manner in which the action is rendered. Therefore, Charity need not be purely monetary, or physical in nature. The notion is not necessarily backed up by any Worldly wealth, riches, or anything of any physical substance. It is a thing packed with feeling, with empathy, with emotion and caring. As such, the Charitable giver may be wealthy, as some are; but, it may stand to reason that the most successful Charity is that which is given out of nothing- except, a notion of betterment towards one’s fellow man.

In this usage, the Charitable giver becomes one which may be looked upon with great reverence. Just as in the Gift of the Magi, when husband and wife gave their last worldly possessions of any value, monetary or otherwise, in order to endeavor to elevate the other, we must learn to follow the dictionary definition of the Charitable action, and intend the act to be a purely self-less one. By doing this, we will achieve not only the definable meaning of the word, but will also experience the truest kind of giving – the giving on one’s own self!

Surely then, by learning to give freely of our time, our emotions, or knowledge, we not only render assistance when needed, but will also provide the attentive ear, accommodating the instructive tongue, and will then utilize our faithful breast, in order that the Charity and betterment of our Order may be safely stored for the use of future generations. Even those which lie beyond the grave, through the boundless realms of Eternity.