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Those Mystical Folks On Sunday Morning…

By: Jon Sage

December 11, 2016

On a Sunday, which many consider to be the Holy day of the week, we consider the spiritual aspects of our shared human condition. While the religions of the world are numerous and incredibly diverse, spirituality might be more constant than some may think. As an example, in most people’s estimation, there is included in their process of soul searching some inkling of an idea of our spirits having an eternal existence; others would go as far to say that the soul of man– his spiritual essence, is simply immortal, as if we were all gods. However you choose to define your individual religious and/or spiritual experience, one thing is certain, it will be mystical.

Simply put, that is the definition of the word… mystical.

Often the word mystical often conjures images of witches or possibly occult elements. But in reality, all that mystical implies, is that something is “spiritual”. If we view the word in this light, it is no less intriguing. However, this new vantage point sanitizes the word a bit and places it in concert with many mainstream religions, allowing a greater number among us to consider how truly spiritual we all are as humans. The Christians that I grew up with termed this daily introspection and consideration as “having their devotions”, was far from what they would have considered to be mystical… and was accomplished with Bible and prayer. But, were they off the mark by saying it this way? I would suggest that rather than having devotions, i.e. simply offering one’s devotion of time to God; that we also attempt to offer some degree of devotion to our own “self”. To our mystical spirituality which was placed within us our Creator.

In turn, by stopping for a moment each day to reflect that we are individually spiritual beings, we must then automatically endeavor to maintain that spirituality. It might then follow that our vehicle of choice could very well be the Bible and prayer, and praise for the Creator. It might also turn out to be a simple acknowledgment that we, as spiritually competent beings, ought to try and not only make our own situations better; to serve our own God; but to also do whatever is within our power, within our mystic, within the circle of our conscious spirituality– to enhance the lives of all who surround us!

What better devotional could there really be? What has been described is a devotion to one’s self; to one’s Creator; and to one’s neighbor. This new spiritual awareness is ultimately a devotion to the commonality of all who inhabit this mystical world.

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