The Problem With Bible Verses & Elections

Election 2016: It is ultimately no different than any other Presidential election year. And yet, at every 4 year interval, the talk of the land, particularly among the right wing conservatives, is that American is at a crossroads, that we are a Country in crisis… that God himself perhaps might view this country as a cesspool of sin and corruption. A regular modern day Sodom & Gomorrah. 

We hear this every 4 years- but why? Does the Christian right have some monopoly over what the U.S. Constitution really says? Did Christians draft the document to protect only those beliefs? I think not, although recent comments, cemented in the notion that the Nation is truly in a state of morality in decline, would indicate that America’s founding fathers were the 18th century counterpart of Pat Robertson.

This ’s response? Ludicrous!

The fact of every matter, should any choose to research the subject, is that the original framers of the American Constitution represented nearly every faith, and although most were Protestant, this is also indicative of the proportion of that early population. Put simply, there were not many Hindu, Muslim, Buddhist, or many other of the now increasingly popular and growing religions. However, the Constitution clearly defended the practice of any religion.

The flavor of the First Amendment, freedom of religion, is undoubtedly influenced by the enlightenmentextremely popular movement during the late 1700’s known as the Enlightenment. This pathway towards education and self-betterment, made famous by the like of Rousseau and Thomas Jefferson, was an undercurrent in the religious beliefs and practices of most of those who labored on and then signed the U.S. Constitution. Deism lent to an otherwise rigid Protestant dogma an inkling of acceptance, of tolerance. Hence– we have the First Amendment, which protects all religious practices and beliefs; not just interpretations of the present day Christian right.

News Flash: The United States IS a Nation containing Christians. However, it is NOT a “Christian Nation”. So- deal with it! 

This belief in a Christian moral majority was perfectly demonstrated in yesterday’s comments by Georgia Senator David Perdue (R). Perdue, referencing President Obama and addressing conservatives, stated that “”we need to be very specific about how we pray.” He suggested using Psalms 109:8, which reads: “Let his days be few, and let another have his office.””

My friends, this language is just as offensive to personal preferences and freedoms as were the Russian gulags, where enemies of Stalin and others were sent for political and religious crimes. stalinThis type of language bears striking resemblance to the battle cries of terrorists, that “their” Allah is great! If some differ with Democratic or Republican platforms, or with ethnicity and/or religious persuasions of immigrants to America, let that criticism be rooted in a solid philosophical, trade based, or simply a for America argument! To call upon any particular religious text, especially in a public arena, which might suggest an early demise of any person or persons, let alone our American President, is entirely against what this country was founded upon.

We must, at some point, come together as a people, admitting that all have our own faults, and in particular, that all will not think or act in the same manner. We will not all worship the same– some may not worship at all (at least not in the manner prescribed by any established church). We, Americans, are all different. And even still, in the face of all of our differences, Americans are charged to protect for each other the most important factor of America… Personal Freedoms, Religious Freedoms, Financial Freedoms. Freedom– Not for a select few, but for all.