The Over-Use of the Word “So” Must Stop- Now!

Something has been occurring, over the last several years. At best, it is disturbing. In a worst case scenario, it signals the end times are drawing near.
Quit using “so” and “um” to open, punctuate, and close your sentences and paragraphs.

​​​                                                         “SO”
That is it, the OVER and IRRATIONAL use of the word, hardly a word… “so”. People who I know have graduated from college use it to begin paragraphs, sentences, answers, questions … as spoken versions of commas! It is used more often than you might think. Doubt me, listen– you’ll hear it.image
Example paragraph, any random reporter or columnist on the news, giving a 1 minute recap of their report.
News Anchor. “Tell us, how are things going in St. Louis for the Trump campaign”?
Reporter. “So, yeah. The election is nearing a fever pitch and, um, so- we need to listen to what the candidates are saying”
News Anchor. “Does it look as if The Donald may win Missouri AND Ohio”?
Reporter. “Um, so, I believe that he could. But, at this stage in the game, so many different things come into play. But, yeah. He could theoretically win both States, so, that could be an um… game changer”.
News Anchor. “Well, it is painfully obvious that you were daydreaming in your journalism and public speaking courses. Tell us, how do YOU plan to improve your dialogue skills”?
Reporter. “So, yeah. Um, it is really important to, um, hear what the people are saying. The question remains, is Trump doing that? So, the answer, well, um it’s going to be interesting to see”.
News Anchor. “Thanks for, um… nothing”.
Reporter. “So, yeah. Um, you’re welcome”.

Of the many resources that will help the “so” users of the world, I suggest as a starting point-