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Laughing Gas, Dinner, and a Movie…

At age 42, I am now a denture wearer. That statement, or being able to and/or actually say it, has been a long time in the making. As an example, it is now the end of February 2017. I began getting tooth extractions in earnest this last November of 2016. But to take it even a few steps farther back than that, I began breaking and then losing parts of teeth back in the spring of 2015. Of course, I will tell you that I’ve always “had bad teeth”… but, I have also NOT always practiced good dental hygiene. 

When I was maybe in the 2nd or 3rd
grade, I visited the dentist to have my first tooth pulled. The dentist gave little Jon some “laughing gas” and even at that tender age, I experienced a special kind of thrill as I consciously caught a terrific buzz in front of my mother- who, for whatever reason, decided that she would be a Mom and stay in the tooth pulling room with me. 

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Real People & Social Media…

My wife mentioned something the other day in passing that made a whole lot of sense. We were talking/arguing about how in the world are we going to pay all of our bills, and how do all the other perfect people manage to do the things they do. I had said that I heard that so and so had gone to the Casino, and were getting a massage (a couple’s massage nonetheless, and I would be interested to see how that whole thing works out ~ hey, I’m a GUY).

Anyhow, the entire mess can be traced to one thing in particular – Social Media. Continue reading

Inspiration, Outlines, and the Creative Process

I have said before that inspiration comes from within. I understand that many others have said such a thing, or implied prior to my arrival as a moonlighting , and as such, I don’t lay claim to the notion. If I were to check, the idea of inspiration, as it may apply to any number of things, is one that enjoys a universal ownership, a public domain of use. Not one person owns it; likewise, each would define it differently. Thus, as I say, inspiration ultimately comes from within an individual. Along the way, it will then be flavored and tempered by forces and influences within and then without that person. This then, would shape the direction, or perhaps the tone of whatever inspired work is in question. Continue reading

Patience, Reading, and Life

I have always believed that I am an impatient person. Nowhere is this more evident, at least in my adult life, than in my lack of reading. I have begun many books, though have actually finished very few. The problem is that if I am not completely taken in by something, I give up quite easily, and am willing to set it down, and walk away.

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Decisions, Change… and John Steinbeck

First Published December 9, 2014At that time, I was preparing to leave my 10+ year stint at Pepsi Cola, and strike out on this new adventure. Now, it seems like things are finally working out. But, it has been a bumpy ride! Would I do it again? Yep… According to what I wrote, I had no choice!!! Live and learn, and try to keep on living. And, “We shall soon see”

There are times when life, after a long while of being steered in one direction or another, begins to turn. Once the whole thing starts to waver, for better or for worse, it’s nearly too late to stop or regain the control which might have been once-held. Almost imperceptibly at times, especially in the beginning of change, the scenery doesn’t really vary, it only gets to be a deeper or possibly a lighter shade of blue… or grey– maybe a fading grey, as if the December sky herself had chosen to rain in that particular fashion which diminishes the sky and the earth all at once; until only a foggy haze rises up from what might have been, hanging in the frigid air… until it is whisked away by a hasty whisper of wind. Continue reading

Alex Trebek, Scrabble, & Mental Awareness

In a recent article at Science of the Spirit, the headline indicated that reading helped to increase scrabble1mental flexibility, and I believe it’s the truth. To suggest that the mind is a muscle, as many have done, is a huge overstatement, but it does posses mighty potential. Physically, the gooey grayish and watery matter that makes up the human brain, if left outside of the skull for any length of time, is likely to collapse under its own weight. But, there is something to be said for the mental dexterity that the billions of properly firing neurons make possible, and this is improved through a sustained and prolonged mental exercise, of which– readin’ & writin’ are two of the best (cross-words AND Scrabble combine both, and that’s why they’re so damn good at this). Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone! Just because it’s “that time of the year”, I understand that I don’t have to a story about Christmas, and in a way, this is about much more than just Christmas… it’s about life in general- saying what’s on your mind, and not necessarily what others EXPECT or even WANT for you to say. Besides, it’s a pretty good time of year, and easy pickins’ for subject matter. So let’s get started. Continue reading

The Trouble With Travel

desert highway

U.S. 50 in Nevada, “The Loneliest Road in America”… If you’re looking for inspiration out here- it had better come from within!

I am beginning to think that travel is bad for the writing process. It seems that the more places I go, the less influenced or inclined I am to about it. I understand that other authors have had, in a great many instances, just the opposite effect– with travel necessarily incorporating new and exciting ideas and thought processes into their script. The problem becomes, I suppose, on how fast you travel, and whether or not writing is the main focal point during that particular journey. Continue reading