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My Highway

As I travel about, I am constantly scanning the horizon and intersecting roads for remnants or clues of where the “old road” used to lie- how it ran- and what it might have looked like 100 years ago. Perhaps it is more accurate to say that I might be interested in not only 100 years prior, but certainly before the modern era of 4 lane Interstate Highways and even of the improved surfaces and routes which were put into place by the Federal Highway Act(s) of the 1910’s &1920’s (the effects and works lasting well into the 1930’s) (). I have come to focus most of my energy on what is now U.S. Route 50, which crosses the nation from Ocean City, Maryland to Sacramento, CA (originally stretching to San Francisco). Continue reading

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Fit Bits & Type-O’s

I have made two new additions to my life, as of today. Each is equally distant, and yet still shares some kind of relation. First of all, I have decided to try and type on my Microsoft Word program with the same care as I did when I first learned to type on a manual typewriter. Secondly, Kim had a spare “Fitbit” lying around, and I strapped that thing on this morning, in some effort to gain insight into how healthy (or unhealthy), I really am. Continue reading

Haircut and a Shave

I need a haircut. I’ve been overdue to go and get one for quite some time now, probably a couple weeks anyway. It seems to me that since I have grown a few gray hairs, it’s easier to tell when I need a haircut. It used to be that I would grow my hair long, and then “match it” with equally long and ugly sideburns… and I looked kind of cool. But, no more! Now, instead of being in style, I am almost always dead-set against it, and my gray tinted locks do not help the situation. They only magnify an already downhill spiral. So, off I go to the barber shop–happily! Continue reading

The Un-Intended Consequence Of Honoring All Who Died

 “Ultimately, the aim of the speech was to do two things. To bear remembrance to ALL war-time dead (military or otherwise), and to endeavor to halt the progress and affinity that we as humans have for hating and killing each other!” –

The speech given by President Obama this last Friday May 27, 2016 at Hiroshima did not offer any kind of apology for the dropping of the first Atomic bomb, and he was correct in not doing so. Although a multitude of commentators have used Nationalism and pride in the American way of life as factors which made the President’s comments seem apologetic, all would be wise to consider that the text of the speech had little to do with war– per se, and much more to do with the human condition, and how we, all of us, might improve in the future. Continue reading

Life And Life’s Lessons By The Bay

I awoke this morning to a sharp realization in which I compared my time in this last year alongside the personal relationships in my life… of family, friends, and acquaintances. I mean, we’re all interconnected to some degree, and at different junctures, the severity and/or intimacy only depending on the particular person or relationship in question. If this weren’t the case, then how would we be related at all?

At any rate– I was struck by the recollection that even though I spent approximately 4 months in San Francisco, known by the locals as “”, I was dismayed for not having pursued the City’s identity sooner. Continue reading

A Tinge of Pain, Thoughts and Denial of Loneliness

For a long time now, maybe for the last 10-15 years, whenever I feel like something “just isn’t right”, or more specifically, if I am on the verge of some unpleasant experience, which might be any number of things…. my left forefinger, at the middle knuckle, will ache with arthritic pain. It comes as quickly as does the feeling of dread, and stays until some resolution, or hint of a resolution, is within sight. I have never spoken of, or relayed this to anyone, least of all, the readers of an obscure Continue reading