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Alex Trebek, Scrabble, & Mental Awareness

In a recent article at Science of the Spirit, the headline indicated that reading helped to increase scrabble1mental flexibility, and I believe it’s the truth. To suggest that the mind is a muscle, as many have done, is a huge overstatement, but it does posses mighty potential. Physically, the gooey grayish and watery matter that makes up the human brain, if left outside of the skull for any length of time, is likely to collapse under its own weight. But, there is something to be said for the mental dexterity that the billions of properly firing neurons make possible, and this is improved through a sustained and prolonged mental exercise, of which– readin’ & writin’ are two of the best (cross-words AND Scrabble combine both, and that’s why they’re so damn good at this). Continue reading

A Tinge of Pain, Thoughts and Denial of Loneliness

For a long time now, maybe for the last 10-15 years, whenever I feel like something “just isn’t right”, or more specifically, if I am on the verge of some unpleasant experience, which might be any number of things…. my left forefinger, at the middle knuckle, will ache with arthritic pain. It comes as quickly as does the feeling of dread, and stays until some resolution, or hint of a resolution, is within sight. I have never spoken of, or relayed this to anyone, least of all, the readers of an obscure Continue reading