Spiritual Group Set To Burn Obscene Materials

Way to go Haridwar- we applaud you for breathing new life into such a horrible practice; the “burning of the books”, which refuses to go away!

History has shown that, by burning and doing away with what is deemed obscene by a subjective (or even if it was by chance objective) manner, that posterity is always so much better off. Kudos to you and yours!

From the article:

Haridwar, India; March 10, 2016

The All World Gayatri Pariwar said in a statement on Thursday that it will observe Holi festival as an anti-vulgarity day.

On that day, it will burn “filthy material” such as books, posters and pictures, said the group’s head, Pranav Pandya.

“This is aimed at eradicating vulgarity and inculcating ‘sansakr’ (cultural values) among youths and students,” he said.

The programme on Holi day will be observed at 1,459 places across the country, he said.

“All we see, good or bad, gets registered in our sub-conscious mind and contributes to the shaping up of our personality,” Pandya said in the statement.

“So the quality of what we see to a large extent determines the quality of how we think. Hence, seeing good is as important as doing good,” he said.”