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“Ride My Highway” ~ The Book… Is Almost Here!


A Novel is coming out late Summer 2017 that will BLOW THE LID OFF of everything that you “thought” you knew about what it’s like to be a Long Haul Trucker. It is a story that stretches back over 30 years.

To be concise, the book is brutally honest… at times you’ll laugh and in the next sentence shed a tear. 

                                                               It’s REAL LIFE. 

Until it comes out, we wanted to share some excerpts from the original copy- still in edit- to acquaint everyone of what’s in store. One warning- this is NOT sugar coated, and contains some adult situations.

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Some previews, maybe 1-2 a week until we publish here in a month or so! In the meantime, let your imagination run wild… if you can dream it, it probably happened out on the Big Road. 

“In the days when rigs still blew black smoke from chromed stacks, and the I.C.C. was actually a human being, albeit one with a shithead job to do; the big trucks traversed the nation, and truckers logged their movements in books which were meant to be manipulated. The art of running 2 or 3 logs was a matter of course. A man who knew best took his breaks not only at home, but also at loading docks, anywhere he could get an hour or so of sleep. The 8 hour break was merely a suggestion, and without giving away every secret that ever was held, was a period of time that existed wholly on paper. This was before the super-travel centers of today. Before those, it was common to pull into a dirt lot, which may or may not be lighted. If you found a station with a light on, and walked inside, it was a safe bet that a guy might find a heavily used though neatly wiped down counter. You would grab a stool, or go crash into a booth. The coffee was maybe .50, and bottomless cups were the norm. The waitress was usually halfway pretty, sometimes trying too hard to look that way, so that she might get the biggest tip possible.”