My Other Project- The “More Light In Masonry Project”

Bros. Albert McClelland, and Jon Patrick Sage

~November, 2013


A Short Background On More Light In Masonry

When my Masonic Home, Jackson Lodge #146, in Seymour, IN, was asked to “adopt” a Brother, who was in Fraternal Care at the Indiana Masonic Home (IMH), we all voted unanimously to take on the assignment, instructed our IMH Ambassador, Roger Neptune, PM to take charge and care for this Brother, and really, as a Lodge, did not give much more thought to the matter. A couple weeks later, and now, only a few weeks ago, that all changed. I, and our Senior Warden, Jon Lanier, PM, along with Br. Neptune, went up to visit our Adoptee, Br. Clarence Crawford. During the course of the visit, I asked Br. Crawford (who gradually has lost his sight, and is now blind), like has been asked so many times before of one who is in darkness, what he most desired. Br. Clarence did not hesitate, “Masonic Education”, he said.

Br. Clarence explained that, for nearly all of his Masonic life, he, like so many others, had been “too busy” to study the countless volumes that have been penned about our gentle Craft. He mentioned that now, he seemed to have all the time in the World, and the desire to learn, yet- he was blind, and could not read. Moreover, he could find very little in the way of audio books, or education. This immediately intrigued me, and I mentioned to Br. Clarence that I would “look into the matter”.


Albert McClelland O.S.M., P.M. & Bro. Jon Patrick Sage

It just so happened that later that week, I spoke with R.W. Br. Carey Carter, G.J.W., of the Grand Lodge of the State of Indiana, F & AM, about the seeming absence of Masonic Education on audio formats, and he subsequently put me and Br. Albert McClelland O.S.M., P.M., into contact with one another. Instantly, an agenda was set, and we put the pedal to the metal, with one goal in mind. To bring Masonic Education to those who need it most, and who are very often unable to receive it; those residents in our Masonic Homes who have physical limitations that might prevent them from going to a library, picking up a book, and reading it. This includes a vast array of folks, but is predominantly limited to the blind.

To this end, we envisioned a package of audio and DVD (which has both visual and audio), that would be assembled, and then distributed, to our Brethren in need, wherever in the World they may be! Imagine that, True Masonic Light…. On The Internet…
At The Speed Of Light!

A first part of our problem was solved, and can be found at M.A.T.S.O.L. This is a site that was already put together by Br. McClelland, and contains 50 videos, or rather, lectures, on a wide variety of Masonic subjects. All of the presenters, or as Br. McClelland terms them “Intenders”, are established and published Masons. In other words, there are no “fakes” in these forums, handing out flimsy ideas and explanations, or conspiracy theories. This is the real deal, upfront, unabashed, Masonic Education. Subsequently, these videos have also been moved to our Video Library at Mlim.