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Making YOUR Wedding A Success!

When choosing a Wedding Officiant, or even a minister that is not affiliated with any particular Church, it is important to remember that the Ceremony may be as solemn or as care-free as YOU want for it to be. And yet, the Ceremony is still that- a wedding Ceremony, the joining of two people into one Union! How will YOU do it??

This is the beauty of building your wedding from the ground up, and of using your own, hand-picked, Officiant or Minister.

As much fun as weddings can be, they can also be incredibly stressful. With all that you have to worry about, decorations, guest lists, THE CAKE… having a qualified person to Marry you should be someone who helps all of this flow together seamlessly, and without undue burden.

At Forever and Always, we strive to make each couple’s special day occur within their expectations, without incident, and to be the Loving AND Legal Ceremony that both of you desire.We cater to each individual couple, and will perform the kind of Ceremony that you have in mind- it may be very formal or extremely laid back and casual…  It’s up to YOU.

Give it some thought, and then contact us to plan your Wedding or Vow Renewal at Always and Forever!

We have included a posting from, explaining some of the finer point of how to plan your Wedding and select your Officiant or Minister.


 “5 Must-Know Tips for Using a Friend as Your Wedding Officiant

Published on August 8, 2016