Jon is a Construction Superintendent with Quantum General Contractors, Inc., working remodels and additions for Wal-Mart and other big Retailers across the Mid-Western United States.  He is also a Freelance Writer for several publications/ publishers,  and publishing houses, at ; A Master Mason and Past Master of Jackson Lodge 146 f & A.M. in Seymour, IN ; and Co-Founder & Administrator at More Light in Masonry. Jon is a Senior Ritualist under the auspices of the Grand Lodge of Indiana of Free and Accepted Masons and has earned the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Minored in Business Management from Indiana Wesleyan University. Jon is now in Graduate Studies of History, at The Indiana State University, Terre Haute, IN.  Jon is married, and lives with his wife (Kimberly), children (Ashley, Leah, and Caleb), and grand daughter (Maleigh Grace) in Southern, IN.


In addition to the brief introduction above, Jon is able to do any manner of things for you or your company, on several different levels, which will increase your productivity, and enhance your quality of business, and of life. Although our core and beginning enterprises has been in the field of writing, publishing, consultation and project management; this is by no means the extent of services that are offered! Please do not hesitate to contact us directly, and should your needs be those which aren’t expressly addressed on this site, we CAN fashion a plan of action, just for you, to fill any needs, and FIX any problems that you may have.

The World Wide Web is a tool, that has become a necessity for all of those in the modern age who hope to succeed. Let us become a valuable tool of action for you to achieve the success that you deserve.


A lifelong learner and lover of books… and of writing- Jon’s affair with the written word began in the basement of the Jackson County Library, nearly identical to the many stone structures built of the plain and sturdy designs afforded by the Carnegie grants. In those stacks of dusty and out dated books, around the age of 9-10, Jon discovered that although the card catalogue might have declared them to be negligible, the words still present upon the pages rendered them as valuable treasures, bits of gold that had long been secreted away, and were now forgotten in this underground and dimly lighted tomb beneath the much advertised Saturday Book Clubs taking place not 20 feet above. In these places, and distances traveled between the pages, many afternoons were spent discovering places never before seen or imagined, and which cannot ever be visited again. Journeys taken through the printed word are nearly always different in some way, if not because of a change in mood or temperament at the time of the reading, then certainly by the tenor or the situation, due to increasing age or receptiveness of the traveler. Books are funny that way- they will always transport us, to some location, though the location may not always be one that is absolutely of our choosing. Even still- we beg to go, and clamor to become acquainted with the mysteries held within the binding. And so, Jon’s formative years were a mix of imagination, foolish dreams, terrible mistakes, tragedy, and lessons for life- all of which were anchored and constantly moored to that bedrock which tends to resurface at precisely the proper moment in the living process.

As is the case for so many, what was a dream at 18 years of age, takes a backseat to other challenges that come to face us as life unfolds. Jon is no different. He enrolled at Indiana University in 1993, and studied there until 1994, at which time he began taking a series of jobs, traveling the Country, and in general- enjoying a single lifestyle with no strings to hold him down. In time, the urge to travel subsided, he found a few grey hairs mixed in with the darkening blonde, and wrinkles replaced the lines previously held by smiles, at times soaked by tears. The journey that Jon traveled, back and forth These United States, and back and forth from youthful exuberance, to middle aged contemplation, has tempered what a carefree and at times reckless spirit into one was once of carefully measured steps. At age 40, Jon now finds himself, halfway through what most would consider to be a normally timed life, and wondering- how brilliant will the next sunrise be- how solemn will the inevitable and last sunset be, when it finally arrives…

Until then, we watch as a new chapter of Jon’s life unfolds, heralding the era which the 100 mile per hour teenager had sworn never would come; the defiant spirit had said that age would never overtake the beauty and wonderment of youth. And yet, it does overtake, and yes- it ultimately consumes everything in its path- that which is of this world anyway. It does so leaving only the memory of a forgotten road, and the ghosts of those who traveled it, so very long ago.

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