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Driver Formally Charged In Human Trafficking Deaths In Texas

A driver who claims he had no knowledge that his trailer contained up to 90 or more people, 10 of which have died as of this release, is being formally charged in a Texas court and could face the death penalty.

In a bizarre series of events, none of which included the driver calling 911, the driver claimed to have pulled over, heard pounding and yelling, and then opened the trailer doors. He reported that he was immediately overrun by “Spanish” people, and knocked down.

Although we must wait for details in the case to evolve before casting blame, it is our fear that this is occurring (human smuggling/trafficking) at an alarming rate. One can only imagine the horror of even one person, let alone upwards of 90 or more, being crammed into a non-ventilated trailer in the summer heat of Texas!

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Driver charged in smuggling-related deaths of 10 immigrants

NOMAAN MERCHANT,Associated Press 1 hour 19 minutes ago