Daylight Savings Time

There are times when it seems that I am completely unmotivated. I’m sitting here, at my desk, trying to write this little story, and then I’ll try to write another one… it never stops. Anyhow, I’ve been on Facebook for a while today, and was on EBay a little earlier. In the middle of it all, I get an email from my editor, asking “where is the latest copy”, and to “get myself in gear”… Hey man, you don’t have to tell me twice. And so, here I sit, 6 hours later, and still no story. Hmmm.

By and large, I think that laws are stupid. Well, actually, let me say that a little differently; I shouldn’t have to follow any stupid laws. In don’t need the MAN telling me what to do. This is painfully evident whenever I get into my little 4×4, crunch’em up, S.U.V. It used to be that if you were in a pick-up truck, or other larger type vehicle, then you were exempt from the seatbelt lockdown laws that have swept across the Nation. Hell, for that matter, some cars used to be made without them, and others simply didn’t have them. I’ve heard many stories about guys that used to cut them out of their brand new cars. And really, why not- it’s their car…. Isn’t it?

So let’s just say that you get pulled over by a traffic cop, who from on out we’ll call the Man. Maybe you’re wearing your seatbelt, and maybe you’re not. Well, guess what Sunshine, if you’re not, you get a ticket and have to pay a fine. Great! Meanwhile, the Man gets back into the patrol car that your taxes pay for, and drives off, without buckling up- while dialing a cell phone, and looking at his lap top. Why? Because he doesn’t have to, so that the Man can be always at the ready… in case there’s a big crime… like me not wearing my SEATBELT. Yet, I can ride my motorcycle with no helmet and, uh yeah… motorcycles don’t have seatbelts. Thank you for the constant lobbying on this A.B.A.T.E., but it makes zero sense.

Next up, when did it become such a big scary things to drive through some water. Somebody better start doing some serious soul-searching, ‘because this whole safety-conscious climate is getting nuts. That’s right, you’ve seen those barricades across State and County roads when the river’s out; and yeah, it against the law to drive through them. Listen up, when I was a kid, our school bus, without SEATBELTS, used to drive across oceans of dirty, filthy, very deep water. Us kids would hang out the windows, and see if we could get wet from the splashing water. That equaled fun for us, and the bus driver (who shall remain nameless), got home early instead of later which would have been the case from a “posted detour”. Verdict: NO HARM DONE. Roll on Mr. Bus Driver man, roll on.

The Concept of Daylight Savings Time

Benjamin Franklin might have been a smart guy, but he goofed on this one, and should’ve been tarred and feathered for ever conjuring such a thing. Changing the clocks, spring ahead, and then fall back! I live in Indiana, and our time historically, in this part of the State, has never changed. We get along O.K. with it too. I think that it is almost akin to a Red Badge of Courage… Hey man, we don’t change our clocks- wanna do business here? Then get used to it! Ha. Except, that’s not the way we do it anymore. Nope, nowadays, we spring ahead, and then fall back, on our asses! During the summertime, with the time change, it doesn’t get dark till almost 10 pm! And then, in the winter, I don’t see a sunrise until nearly 9 am… that is seriously screwed up. It used to be that the sun came up in the summer around 4 am, and went down around 8 pm… Predictable. What’s the problem? People’s sleep patterns are thrown to the wind, the rooster forgets when to “cock-a-doodle-doo”, and this miss-match of rhythm is probably why I have writer’s block. Plus, to top it off- we are on the same time, year round, as New York City! Meanwhile, times are all different, give or take, from Chicago, IL, down to Nashville, TN. Oh well, nobody does business with their neighbors anyway…

I guess that the long and short of it all is that I just don’ understand any of it all. So, pay attention to what time zone you’re in, and plan accordingly. Choose the most direct route to wherever it may be that you’re traveling to, and unless that particular path is under water, proceed with caution. Don’t feed the bears, do not pass Go, do NOT collect $200, and for Heaven’s sake… buckle your seat belt!

Have a nice day!

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