Alex Trebek, Scrabble, & Mental Awareness

In a recent article at Science of the Spirit, the headline indicated that reading helped to increase scrabble1mental flexibility, and I believe it’s the truth. To suggest that the mind is a muscle, as many have done, is a huge overstatement, but it does posses mighty potential. Physically, the gooey grayish and watery matter that makes up the human brain, if left outside of the skull for any length of time, is likely to collapse under its own weight. But, there is something to be said for the mental dexterity that the billions of properly firing neurons make possible, and this is improved through a sustained and prolonged mental exercise, of which– readin’ & writin’ are two of the best (cross-words AND Scrabble combine both, and that’s why they’re so damn good at this).

I would compare it a light gym workout, perhaps the normally prescribed 30 or so minutes of brisk exercise daily. If you engage in any more than that, then chances are, you’ll wind up overhuge-body-builder-guy in the bar-bell section, wearing tank tops that don’t fit, and your head is the SMALLEST part of your body– take that as a pun if you want, or… if it fits. The same holds true for mental stimulation and “mind-building” exercise. If you do too little, you’ll end up being “that guy”, who doesn’t understand Jeopardy, OR Alex’s way too subtle Canadian affect. However, if you do too much– you’ll be just like Alex, with or without the Canadian heritage or T.V. Game Show Host bank account, and neither one of those options is a good one.

So, how to accomplish this? What might be the best “exercise”?

A good start, is to read a good (like mine), every time I get the notion to something, and then– write your own response in the “comments” section below on the site, or on Face Book, Twitter, Tumbler… whatever your heart desires. This will automatically fulfill several facets of daily life.

I will get my FIX of notoriety by someone reading and possibly commenting on OR acknowledging my work!

YOU will get your much needed exercise in reading; by carefully pondering the words on the screen before you… and then-

You will then get your PAY-OFF when that finely tuned instrument of yours is utilized to agree with (hopefully), or possibly to disagree with (hopefully not) my aforementioned comments. It no longer matters what the topic at hand was, or is. At the point of your comment and my imminent rebuttal (or further agreement with your comments), we have already forgotten that the impetus for the piece was put forth in the Science of the Spirit, suggesting that such an experiment would improve mental deftness! Indeed– at this point, we no longer NEED the original article, for we have now formed our own- a newer and BETTER article which not only suggests such a phenomenon but in fact– undoubtedly PROVES it.ht_alex_trebek_mustache_jeopardy_1_jc_140911_16x9_992

We are now all smarter, though less pretentious, than Alex Trebek!

And so, I finish by answering, without the funny Canadian accent-

“What is mental flexibility for $100”?