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You Never Really Lose At Baseball…

This last week, I drove along U.S. 60 on a sunny day… with a temperature in the high 60’s. While passing through Kenova, West Virginia, I steered around a bend in a city street, and across the railroad tracks, saw a baseball stadium- a small one. I figured it to be possibly a Single A ballpark. But, as luck would have it, I had found Mitch Stadium, one of the coolest Little League ballparks I have ever seen in person. 


I was immediately transported back to age 10, and could only have wished to have been able to play in such a venue. In my mind, with the old brick wall surrounding the grass, which is already greening up for the year, the ball must have sounded better off the bat, and flown that much farther.

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Laughing Gas, Dinner, and a Movie…

At age 42, I am now a denture wearer. That statement, or being able to and/or actually say it, has been a long time in the making. As an example, it is now the end of February 2017. I began getting tooth extractions in earnest this last November of 2016. But to take it even a few steps farther back than that, I began breaking and then losing parts of teeth back in the spring of 2015. Of course, I will tell you that I’ve always “had bad teeth”… but, I have also NOT always practiced good dental hygiene. 

When I was maybe in the 2nd or 3rd
grade, I visited the dentist to have my first tooth pulled. The dentist gave little Jon some “laughing gas” and even at that tender age, I experienced a special kind of thrill as I consciously caught a terrific buzz in front of my mother- who, for whatever reason, decided that she would be a Mom and stay in the tooth pulling room with me. 

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CHOOSE- The Prisoners OR All Of The President’s Men? I’m Taking The Prisoners!!!

“He Will Die In Jail”

This is the “Tweet” sent out by a way too high up former NSA intelligence analyst John Schindler; “Now we go nuclear. IC war going to new levels. Just got an EM fm senior IC friend, it began: “He will die in jail.”” What the hell kind of language is
that, and why do I need to decipher 3rd grade looking writing from a
former intelligence officer?

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Books... They transport us to many locations, and we dare not retreat; we beg to go, and clamor to become acquainted with the mysteries held within the binding. Photo courtesy of:; jon sage; reading;

Heaven Must Be A Gigantic Library Of BOOKS!

 “Books… They transport us to many locations, and we dare not retreat; we beg to go, and clamor to become acquainted with the mysteries held within the binding.”

Since the invention of the PDF and then of the iPad, Kindle, and other E-Reader’s, the debate of which is best- paper versus “books in the cloud” has been going back and forth. I have no dog in this fight, since I simply refuse to be swayed from my opionion that old fashioned paper books are so much better- in so many ways- than a digitized version of the same. In fact, I don’t regard my postition as opinion, I look at it as just another fact of life that some people wish to argue over from the point of view of sheer laziness. 

If YOU are too lazy to physically hold, store, and care for a book- then you might not deserve to read it.

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