Monthly Archives: October 2016

Booze, Religion, and the Misfortune of it all…

I insist on hanging out in bars. It will ultimately be to my detriment and part of me knows this, but still- at times, I am unable to help myself.

I neither feel good or bad inside the all too comfortable confines of these establishments, I’m just “there”. I rarely go to any that are within my home zip code- preferring instead some kind of anonymity. I’m not sure that the effort pays any dividends for it is painfully clear to all within the place that, upon my arrival and then demeanor, a non-drinker; more specifically, a recovering alcoholic is within the midst of an otherwise good time. But, I can say that if I were to go to my former haunts, the chances of my actually starting to drink again, due to peer pressure and out and out memories, would be far too great. I can’t really have that, and besides- to drink or start drinking again is not what I’m after. Actually, it’s the last thing that I’m after… Continue reading

Inspiration, Outlines, and the Creative Process

I have said before that inspiration comes from within. I understand that many others have said such a thing, or implied prior to my arrival as a moonlighting , and as such, I don’t lay claim to the notion. If I were to check, the idea of inspiration, as it may apply to any number of things, is one that enjoys a universal ownership, a public domain of use. Not one person owns it; likewise, each would define it differently. Thus, as I say, inspiration ultimately comes from within an individual. Along the way, it will then be flavored and tempered by forces and influences within and then without that person. This then, would shape the direction, or perhaps the tone of whatever inspired work is in question. Continue reading