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The Un-Intended Consequence Of Honoring All Who Died

 “Ultimately, the aim of the speech was to do two things. To bear remembrance to ALL war-time dead (military or otherwise), and to endeavor to halt the progress and affinity that we as humans have for hating and killing each other!” –

The speech given by President Obama this last Friday May 27, 2016 at Hiroshima did not offer any kind of apology for the dropping of the first Atomic bomb, and he was correct in not doing so. Although a multitude of commentators have used Nationalism and pride in the American way of life as factors which made the President’s comments seem apologetic, all would be wise to consider that the text of the speech had little to do with war– per se, and much more to do with the human condition, and how we, all of us, might improve in the future. Continue reading

SPRING BREAK: Bubble(s) Are Present And Ready To Burst!

Many have speculated for quite some time whether or not the Student Loan situation in the United States has any resemblance to the so called “housing bubble” which threatened to collapse the world economy in ’08. Based on some very basic information, some of which is so readily available it is truly scary, I would tend to concur that some kind of ultra scary scenario looms on our collective horizon.

The culprit- Cheap Money that is accessible by virtually anyone, many of whom have no way and/or inclination to EVER pay that money back.  Continue reading