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Why Do I Write?

Far too often, I find that there are different people at different times, and definitely when reading different themes and topics, who simply do not understand what I am trying to say and/or accomplish through writing any one particular piece. In my mind, the words, even before editing, are crystal clear, and the message that lies within more often than not comforts me, Continue reading

Victory in the Face of Defeat

I’ve claimed before, perhaps I’ve even said so with degrees of bravado, that I do not get lonely. I still will say that is true- somewhat, although over the last several weeks, one of which I WAS home, it seems that there could be different and varying degrees of loneliness, which may or may not occur or be felt all at once.

If this be the case, the question becomes twofold:

  • What does this mean for me- as a person?
  • Is this a good, or a bad thing that is occurring?

For instance~ Continue reading