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If I Leave, I Shall Return- But When & How?

By: Jon Patrick Sage     

Outside through the damp evening, a train lumbering northward, is low through the glass of my window. At 11:30 pm, and as an adult, I am awake, typing at my desk. Yet, this is the same town that I grew up in, and remember the same northbound train, through the bedroom window of a young boy who had been asleep, until the rumble of the steel wheels– heralded by the piercing whistle of the locomotive… Continue reading

Know Thyself: And All Good Things Must Follow

Bro. Jon Patrick Sage

In and amongst our gentle Craft, we speak often of Freemasonry, and the importance of upholding and bolstering support of that Institution. However, I fear that part of the issue with the perceived weaknesses that Freemasonry faces, i.e. Membership, Financial, Public Relations, go hand in hand with and are a direct result of concentrating TOO MUCH on the Free Masonic Order, and TOO LITTLE on what it means to BE a Mason! To some, this will sound like nit-picking, but–there is a difference! Continue reading